Ric Benett Art and Music
Fantastic Site of Art And Music

Dr Donald McDowall, D.C. DIBAK Website
Dr Donald McDowall has written so many books on Healing etc..
Santer's Ghost Website
Lynn Santer is very good Ghost Writer

Margo's Animal Sanctuary
Margo's Animal Sanctuary is the nerve center for all lost domestic and wild animals.

Zeus Publications
Publisher & Distributer of "Waiting for spirit to tell me" and other Publications.

Wearable Art Australia
Chris Nightingale,s Webstie. Wearable Art has allowed Chris to express her own interpretation of undefined creativity.

White Light Magazine
A Metaphysical, Healing Magazine

Margo's Music
Margo was copying famous female singers of the day when she was only 3 years old. This talent was put on hold all her life.. while she devoted 35 years to saving animals.. now Margo breathes her way through Marilyn Monroe's top songs, stomps her way thru rauchy redneck country songs, puts the "rock" back into "rock songs". Many Songs !

Atlantis - Rising
Carmel Glenane founded Atlantis-Rising and began teaching and healing in Coolangatta in 1991. Today the business is located directly in the main street of Coolangatta as a retail gallery of fine designer jewellery and Spiritual Art. Upstairs is our healing and teaching center. Classes for Energy Meditation, Sound Therapy Healing, and Flexibility classes are held. We also have Reiki Healings, Tarot Consultations, Massage, Colour Therapy and other holistic treatments available. We also hold ceremonies for naming (children) and bonding (relationships).